Chicago, IL

I am a Full-Stack Developer with 10+ years professional experience. Developing software is more of a life-long curiosity than it is a job, as I have been coding and using Linux since 1997. I create websites, applications, and back-end solutions, as well as design-deploy-manage the servers that host them. I have a penchant for modern Javascript and diving in to the Web API to make fast, compliant, and maintainable front end experiences. On the back end, I like to solve data integration issues and design solutions to automate communication between applications and services. Across the whole stack, I write code and design systems with attention to speed and scale.


JS/HTML/CSS (ES20xx, Typescript, Google Apps Script, HAML, Pug, Markdown, SASS, LESS)
Vue, React
Webpack, Gulp, Grunt, Browserify, npm, yarn, Github
Node, Python, PHP, Java
Express, Flask, Django, Spring
Web Servers
Apache, Nginx, lighthttpd
__SQL, MongoDB, Redis, ODBC/JDBC, FileMaker
Bash + GNU Coreutils (AWK, Sed), Python, Perl
Docker, Various *nix VM/Container Solutions
GNU/Linux (Debian, RedHat), BSD (Darwin [macOS/POSIX], FreeBSD)
EC2, VPC, EBS, S3, DynamoDB, RDS, Lambda, CloudFront, Route 53


Lead Developer (Full Stack),
Digital Masterplanning
(Chicago, IL) - Feb. 2021-Dec. 2022

DMP is an early stage startup that is building a 3D presentation tool for real-estate planning and portfolio demonstration using the open source geospatial 3D platform Cesium.
  • Infrastructure/Devops
    • Established development-staging-production environments in GitLab for efficient workflow.
    • Provisioned and managed AWS infrastructure (EC2, ECS, ELB, RDS, S3, Cloudfront, Route53) using Terraform.
    • Configured GitLab CI/CD and deployment scripts (Bash/YAML) for streamlined build processes
    • Implemented GitLab's 'review branch' feature for rapid internal review of frontend changes
  • Backend - (Node/ExpressJS - PostGIS - Docker/Docker Compose)
    • Contributed to the design and development of the initial multitenant architecture
    • Integrated third-party APIs, including Open Street Maps, Cesium Ion, AWS SNS, and Slack
    • Enabled external 2D/3D asset upload/storage for project persistence and retrieval
    • Utilized Sequelize ORM for efficient query writing and migrations with PostGIS
  • Frontend - (Vue.js - Cesium)
    • Developed a Vue.js plugin for seamless integration with and manipulation of the Cesium canvas
    • Created a centralized Vue component managing user-created elements on the Cesium canvas
    • Implemented a 3D tour/presentation feature based on geo locations and user-defined data
    • Enhanced UI/Cesium code for editing attributes of 3D models and 2D geospatial files

Node.js/API Developer,
(Remote/Contract) - 2019-2021

Nomics is an API-first cryptoasset data company delivering professional-grade market data APIs to institutional crypto investors and exchanges.
  • Developed API adapters (Typescript + Node/ExpressJS) for 160+ cryptocurrency exchanges to integrate public market data with Nomics API
    • Researched and documented public API capabilities and metadata of all cryptocurrency exchanges with relevant trading volume
    • Wrote code to adapt the available public data from each exchange for integration according to Nomics Exchange Integration Specification

Frontend Developer,
ProfitTrailer B.V.
(Remote/Contract) - 2018-2019

ProfitTrailer is a commercially available cryptocurrency trading bot with thousands of users all over the world. It is a Java application that uses Spring framework with a custom JS/HTML/CSS frontend.
  • Added a user interface for changing the large array of settings and parameters available on the backend (V2.1). This opened up accessibility of the application to an entire new skill-level of user. Previously, this was done by editing multiple text files with little room for error.
  • Developed an automated running demo of my frontend development progress using Github webhooks and a tiny Go based backend solution
  • Created the working PoC for natively integrating one of PT's official 3rd party extensions, which involved refactoring the entire frontend codebase for migration to Vue.js
  • When syntax of the text based settings file changed (v2.0), I built a settings file converter in Javascript that used regular expressions and provided an instant preview of the new file
  • Worked with the backend to develop and debug a new private/public API scheme for the application
  • Consulted the backend on implementing data persistence in their Spring application

System Administration/Network Consultant,
(Chicago, IL) - 2015-2018

Azavar was a custom development shop that recently assumed the name of its now sole and flagship product, LocalGov. Over the years I have provided periodic system administration and consultation support to Azavar as they tripled their workforce and grew in to a new location.
  • Consulted on equipment purchasing, network and server design during company relocation
  • Helped set up direct, secure connections between on-site resources with AWS services
  • Provided emergency support during critical equipment failure (overseeing RAID recovery, etc.)

Full-Stack Developer & System Administrator,
Sharprint Decorated Apparel
(Chicago, IL) - 2012-2020

Sharprint is a manufacturer of decorated apparel that has been operating in Chicago for over 25 years. In addition to large-volume screen printing, embroidery, and DTG departments, Sharprint does in-house art, marketing, and shipping.
  • Collaborated with Threadless to create a 2-way work order API for DTG printing and drop shipment automation. This included an internal front-end interface for processing orders, managing artwork, pulling inventory, and printing shipping labels, allowing Sharprint to take on thousands of fulfillment orders at a time. Previously, we did not provide this service at all.
  • Worked with UPS and FedEX on custom database integration to accommodate large fulfillment orders and streamline batch label printing
  • Made numerous case-specific solutions for processing vector art in an automated way so files could be properly interpreted by specialized printing equipment/RIP server software
  • Created a custom, compliant, client facing payment gateway in the cloud for credit card processing using PHP & the Paypal API. It allows secure client payments on the web and provides a PDF receipt
  • Developed an internal tool using JS and SVG that allowed for rapid demonstration of how client artwork might look given various screen printing regions on a garment
  • Developed a business intelligence portal for tracking department metrics using Google Apps Script in conjunction with various GSuite APIs (Sheets, Docs, Gmail)
  • Created various internal frontend and backend systems to generate bulk order import files in the custom format required by our proprietary database - relieving the need to hire temporary staff for data entry upon large surprise rush orders
  • Overhauled the internal network for use of open-source software and integration of cloud resources
    • Virtualized the local database server and integrated automated cloud backup
    • Setup and managed internal/external access and utilities for a file sharing server dedicated to client vector art used for apparel production
    • Setup and integrated various cloud services between AWS and Google Cloud Platform

Full-Stack Web/Mobile Developer,
Apollo Matrix
(Remote/McLean, VA) - 2011-2012

Apollo Matrix was a startup when I joined the team. At the time they operated as a custom development shop for mobile and web software, as well as a provider of specialized data and content solutions for the web using Drupal.
  • Developed and contributed to numerous apps that became available for Android and iOS
    • Led development on an iPad application used by Nikon @ CES 2012 to showcase their new line of cameras - convinced the client that we should code the app using only front-end web technologies and make it native using Phonegap, which at the time was a new technology. They complied, the app compiled, it went well.
    • Contributed to mobile app, which is still available on iOS and Android.
  • Made a working PoC frontend web application that allowed a user to provide custom images that created the UI skin for an iOS application. It also provisioned a usable demo of iOS source code that could be customized, compiled and submitted to the App Store. This feat required the integration of various disparate systems and was accomplished using many languages across both Linux and Mac servers
  • Automated deployments of Drupal to be used as a headless CMS for mobile applications

Program Director & K-3 Educator,
Chicago Public Schools/affiliated NPOs
(Chicago, IL) - 2009-2011

Field Biologist,
Oregon State University
(Corvallis, OR/Sheldon NWR, NV) - 2007-2009


Penn State University
(State College, PA) - 2002-2007
  • BSc, Biological Psychology
  • BA, Philosophy
  • Minor, Classics